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SCOE Branding Guidelines

Stanislaus County Office of Education

Branding Guidelines

(For Publications, Productions, Projects, Social Media and other Communication Materials)


In an effort to obtain the maximum benefit from SCOE’s logo, it was determined by Cabinet that the SCOE logo must be used consistently throughout the organization.  A logo is vital in the corporate world to create “brand awareness and loyalty” in a competitive marketplace.  The same is true in the realm of public education where SCOE must create a consistent and positive identity to generate awareness and support for its programs and services. 

While the organization as a whole is branded by the SCOE logo, programs and schools also have an identity, often with their own logos and/or mascots.  It is important to maintain consistency and balance such that these programs and schools utilize their own “brand” but that they are recognized as being affiliated with SCOE. This document serves to provide guidelines for consistency across the organization. 

In general:

  • Divisions are discouraged from establishing their own individual logos.  In special circumstances, and only with the Superintendent’s permission, can divisions create and use a logo.
  • Schools and programs may have mascots or logos.  It is important that a particular program is “branded” by only one logo.  It is imperative that when representing themselves in publications, productions, through social media and other external marketing venue, that these schools and programs are clearly affiliated with SCOE.  This document and the appended samples will provide direction about how to ensure this guideline.
  • The SCOE logo should be featured on:
    • Activity announcements (flyers, invitations, etc.)
      • This is required when the event is designated as a “Partnered Event” in regard to the use of SCOE facilities as our partnering contribution
    • Audio-Visual Productions (marketing videos, TV programs, etc.)
    • Banners/Major Displays
    • Brochures
    • Business Cards
    • Calendars
    • Certificates and Diplomas
    • Conference Folders
    • Event Programs (graduations, conferences, workshops)
    • Guides and handbooks
    • Letterhead
    • Newsletters 
    • PowerPoint or Prezi presentations, and handouts and training materials (especially those created for a Trainer of Trainer package), with the logo on the opening slide or cover page.  SCOE’s  name should be credited in the footer with permissive language about reprinting with permission as long as the logo and/or credit line is maintained
    • Report Covers
    • Table cloths with program or division branding (unless the program or division branding includes the words:  Stanislaus County Office of Education)
    • Social Media
    • Web pages, including sub-pages and updates  (Please be sure to see web guidelines)

Logo exceptions:  Projects sponsored by more than one organization, where the SCOE logo may appear grouped with other logos; or projects in which SCOE is a minor participant and/or none of the participants use a logo, in which case the logo does not appear at all.


  • When applicable, SCOE employees should utilize SCOE letterhead for written communications.  (See Sample #1)  SCOE letterhead may be amended to include the name of a department or program on the right and the name of the director.  The phone numbers should be revised for the program staff who should receive calls and communications from those receiving the letter.  (See Sample #2)
  • When letters are drafted on behalf of programs,  school sites, or divisions, (that have obtained the superintendent’s approval), it is permissible to utilize customized letterhead as per the following guidelines:
    • The Graphics Department will design the customized letterhead to ensure consistency in regard to size of logo, font, etc. and accuracy of information provided
    • The SCOE logo is on the top left and the superintendent’s name and title appear beneath
    • The program/site logo or mascot is provided on the right, with the site principal’s or director’s name, the site address and contact phone number under the logo on the right
    • The title of the site or program is centered  (See Samples #3 and #4)
    • If a program on a site is being highlighted which does not represent the entire site, the above directions pertain and the school site, along with the principal, address, and phone numbers will appear on the right with the title of the program centered (See Sample #5)
    • In regard to the use of color or black and white: 
      • If a colored logo from the program, school or division is being used, then the SCOE logo should appear in blue with the gold star at the top.  (See sample # 2 – 4)
      • If the program, school or division logo is not available in color, the black and white program logo may be used with the colored SCOE logo (See sample #6) or the black and white SCOE logo. (See sample #7)
      • If the black and white SCOE logo is used, then the program logo should also appear in black and white.  (See sample # 8-10)
  • Division Directors/Cabinet members are responsible for ensuring that the sites’ and programs’ letterhead meet these specifications and follow the examples provided.


  • The SCOE logo will appear on all business cards.
  • A second logo may appear on the front or back of a business card as per the approval of the division director.  There should be no more than 2 logos on the front of the card, unless the logos are representative of certifications that are the industry standard.  In this instance, the Division Director/Cabinet member shall approve the use of additional logos.
  • Divisions will bear the cost of any additional design, set up or printing fees for cards that are customized or are printed on both sides.


  • School site, Department, or Program Facebook sites and Twitter accounts should be branded with the logo or Profile “picture” for that department or program.  However, the affiliation to the Stanislaus County Office of Education should be made evident either on the home page or in the narrative opportunities that are as close to the home page as possible, typically in the “About” section.   That SCOE sponsors that department or program should be clearly evident. (See Samples 5 – 6)
  • Department and program sites should include Stanislaus County Office of Education’s name and link to SCOE’s website, SCOE Facebook and/or twitter account. 
  • Communications Department staff needs to be notified when a new social media site is created.


  1. Project content and design should be approved by the division or program director, or by the authorized designee.
  2. An authorized SCOE logo, defined as the pathway/star and the words “Stanislaus County Office of Education” in the designated typeface and configuration, should be included on printed material as specified above.
  3. When printing in color, SCOE’s logo should be printed in PMS#2758 (Blue) and PMS #872U (Gold).  It can also be printed in black.  If you are using only one ink, the logo can be printed in that ink color.
  4. The superintendent’s name should be included somewhere in the work or material when appropriate.  This is especially true when a school or program mascot/logo is in use and the SCOE logo is absent.
  5. Employees may “brand” their email communications using scanned signatures; logos for current SCOE initiatives, divisions, and programs; and appropriate inspirational or educational quotes.


  • SCOE’s Graphic Department will create all specialized letterheads maintaining consistency of logo size and color, font (style, size and color) and will provide access to the customized letterheads by posting them on the Employee Intranet, under the Graphics Division header.
  • Specialized orders (such as envelopes, etc.) must be approved by Division heads/Cabinet members and Graphics Services (to ensure that guidelines are met).  Communication staff will be available to consult on special orders if needed.
  • SCOE’s Graphics Department will only print materials that meet SCOE’s guidelines.  Any exceptions to the guidelines must be cleared through the Communications Department. 
  • The Graphics staff should uphold dimension requirements for the use of the SCOE logo so that it is represented appropriately in terms of aesthetics and legibility.  (Note:  Materials should also be printed through SCOE’s Graphics Department.  Refer to Policy #3205 on Internal Providers)