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Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy

We believe that language and literacy are intricately linked to success in all subject areas. Educators deserve access to high quality learning opportunities that directly relate to their classrooms. We believe that all students are capable of developing the language and literacy necessary to be college and career ready when they have effective instruction. Our team is ready to provide customized support to meet the needs of your local site or district.

The Standards set requirements not only for English Language Arts (ELA) but also for literacy in history/social studies, science, and technical subjects. Just as students must learn to read, write, speak, listen, and use language effectively in a variety of content areas, so too must the Standards specify the literacy skills and understandings required for college and career readiness in multiple disciplines.

California ELA/ELD Framework: The state's vision for implementation of the California State Standards

California Common Core Standards in English Language Arts: Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subject

Common Core Standards in English Language Arts: Appendix A (pdf): Research Supporting Key Elements of the Standards and Glossary of Key Terms

Supplemental Information for Appendix A: New Research on Text Complexity

Common Core Standards in English Language Arts: Appendix B (pdf): Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks

Common Core Standards in English Language Arts: Appendix C (pdf): Samples of Student Writing

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