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The Readiness Assessments for Math Project (RAMP) is a bank of formative math assessments for grades 1st-8th that assess and address foundational skills necessary to access grade level math content.


Recommendations for Implementing 2020-2021 Priority Content in High School Mathematics

High School Priority Content

The Recommendations for Implementing Priority Instructional Content for High School Mathematics provides guidance on instructional decisions that preserve the coherence in the standards and maximize opportunities for all students to experience confidence, success, and joy in mathematics.


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Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

We facilitate learning experiences, create and curate tools, and build networks that encourage educators to explore connections in mathematics and reflect on their practice to improve learning outcomes for all students.

Vision Statement 

We believe that all students are capable of learning mathematics to the highest levels and that critical mathematics learning can be creative, engaging, and fun.

Key Contacts

Erin Cross <br/> Director II of District and School Support

Erin Cross
Director II of District and School Support

(209) 238-1310
Jamie Garner <br/> Project Coordinator

Jamie Garner
Director of Mathematics

(209) 238-1334
Stacie Doss

Stacie Doss
Project Coordinator

(209) 238-1306
Christina Rubalcava

Christina Rubalcava
Project Coordinator

(209) 238-1336
Lacey Flippen

Lacey Flippen
Project Coordinator

(209) 238-1302
Viola Chavez

Viola Chavez
Event Planning Specialist II

(209) 238-1315