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Induction: The Promise of Confidentiality

The Promise of Confidentiality

Certain parts of the work between the mentor and the candidate are held as confidential.

The mentor will not report to anyone the quality of the practice seen or heard in the candidate’s professional setting. The only exception to this rule is if students’ health/safety is in danger. Nor will the mentor share with others the nature of the conversations held. The mentor will not share strengths, nor areas of needed growth, for the candidate. The mentor is a colleague (not an evaluator) and a peer (not a supervisor).

In general, we ask supervisors to direct any comments or concerns directly to the candidate not the mentor. The candidate then is encouraged to share that information with the mentor to better focus or direct the work. However, during the triad conversation(s) the candidate, mentor and administrator work together to draft ideas for the Individual Learning Plan (ILP), so that the focus of professional development through induction is inclusive of administrator input and site/district goals.

SCOE Induction
The program does share information with the district about:

  • attendance of all participants
  • calendar of program events/classes
  • completion of requirements (complete vs. incomplete)
  • submission of the ILP and inquiry cycle (complete vs. incomplete)
  • Ed Code violations
  • Inappropriate behavior during Induction events