Want to start your own podcast? Don’t know the difference between Condenser and Dynamic Mics? Don’t have an idea about hosting or RSS feeds? We have you covered. This Podcasting Series will cover the basics of producing a Podcast, as well as taking home the equipment that you will be working with during the classes. You will be ready to record and produce your first episode of your new show. Join us and learn how to market your podcast, and find your audience along the way. 


For Full Price you will receive the following equipment: 

On Friday, December 9, Leadership Academy students participated in “Education Day.” Students started the day at the Career Inspiration Center, where they learned about the career and technical education programs offered through the four educational pathways (Technology, Health, Agriculture, and Manufacturing). Students participated in a handful of activities, including coding, robotics, and virtual reality activities from the technology pathway. Students also enjoyed CPR, phlebotomy, and dental hygiene activities from the health pathway.

On Monday, December 12, 2022, the parking lot located behind SCOE's 1100 H Street building closed for renovation. The construction will continue until March 17, 2023. Please know the intent throughout these projects is to minimize the impact on staff and visitors while we do our best to maximize safety protocols. The following information provides parking alternatives and building access.

Effective December 12, 2022, the 1100 H Street parking lot will be closed for demolition and construction. 


Preventive Health and Safety Training Nutrition is an eight (8) hour classroom-based course designed to meet the California Emergency Medical Authority (EMSA) state licensing requirements for child care. The training provides instruction that is comprehensive and practical. The course prepares administrators and employees of child care centers and family child homes small or large to keep the children in their care safe and healthy from injury and illness.